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Core Dissertations provide only best Translation service. Make your paper ideal with our effective Translation service.
Core Dissertations specialize in the translation of academic manuscripts, as well as foreign language research. We work with thousands of qualified and experienced native speaking translators, and are therefore able to carry out translations in a very wide variety of languages. All of our translation jobs are handled by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. We offer fast service of translators that are certified by accredited translation organizations. We also provide court-approved sworn translations in EU, China and Central Asia.
Our Translation service provides assistance to researchers and students who are more comfortable writing in a language other than English. Each manuscript is assigned by area of study to ensure accurately translated field-specific terms. When your paper is returned to you, it will be indistinguishable from papers written by our experts who are native English speakers. Because our Translation service is geared toward preparing a high-quality, publication ready manuscript, we recommend you provide us with the final draft of your paper.

Our language services include:

Interpretation, including Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference and Teleconference, Telephonic and Meeting/Event Interpretation;
Interpretation, including Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference and Teleconference, Telephonic and Meeting/Event Interpretation;
Transcription of Audio and Video News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts and Training Events
Exotic, Extinct and Endangered Language Research and Reverse Engineering
Sign Language, including for News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts, Training and Meetings
Worldwide Language Support under Hazardous and Austere Conditions including in Global Conflict Areas
A 24-Hour Language Support Center to Respond to Emergency Interpretation, Translation, Transcription and Monitoring Requests
If you’re looking for high quality professional translation and localization services to enable you to communicate accurately, Core Dissertations provides language services and training in more than 190 languages and dialects across all subject matters, including political, economic, scientific, commercial, legal, and educational.
Core Dissertations will provide a faithful translation of the manuscript and references into the target language. Our specialists will ensure that the style of the translation is in accordance with the conventions of the field and that scientific and technical terms are translated accurately.

Our 24/7 online-support team is ready to provide the best translation and language services and make your paper flawless. You can rely on Core Dissertations.

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