The price is based on following factors:
Academic level
Number of words
Type of paper needed
Research and analysis involved

The table below shows an average price for a standard 300-word page for a thesis or dissertation project. Please note that these are approximate prices for you to get an idea of how much we usually charge for our services. Additional services might alter the final fee.

The pricing table below shows an approximate price for 1 written page.

Level / Deadline15 days +11 - 14 days9 - 10 days5 - 6 days3 days1 day
Undergraduate$ 13.55$ 16.55$ 17.55$ 21.55$ 24.55$ 29.55
Masters$ 23.55$ 25.75$ 27.85$ 30.40$ 34.60$ 38.50
PhD$ 27.80$ 28.00$ 30.10$ 32.65$ 36.85$ 40.75

The prices for writing do not include conducting any primary research.

Collection of primary data for your academic wok using such data collection methods as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups interviews, observations and others is also possible. For the quote including data collection please contact us.

We also provide specific research services such as data analysis, research model building, journal article publishing assistance, literature review, and language services such as proofreading, editing, plagiarism-checking and translations.

The specific price of the service depends on the project details. For exact price offer please contact

We're very flexible, and discuss each assignment on a personal basis; above all, we value communication. If you help us, we shall help you, and the benefit will of course be mutual.